The Bolt - Part of the EESS Development Platform Family!

Bolt Microcontroller

Box includes:

  • 1X Bolt Microcontroller
  • 1X Nokia 5110 LCD

Sold Out

Sorry if you missed out. If you really want your own Bolt, let us know by emailing us at and we'll try and manufacture another batch.

The Bolt is the first member of the EESS development platform family! Being based on the Atmel AVR architecture and boasting the flexible AT90USB1286 microprocessor, the Bolt has far more capability than similarly priced units in a very compact package (60mm x 60mm).

The board consists of multiple I/O and has a custom bootloader which allows programming via USB! In addition the board has support for:

  • Motor control with a dedicated 2 channel bi-directional motor driver.
  • Communication via a dedicated Bluetooth module to other devices, including Android phones with support via the ARC app.
  • 3.3V and 5V regulators.
  • Support for ISP and JTAG
  • Native Nokia 5110 LCD Display Pinout
  • USB or battery powered (6-18V)
  • Status LED indicators
  • User LED indicators
  • Custom libraries for all hardware functionality

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Please note:

  • This product is only available for pickup at the QUT Gardens Point Campus. More details will be sent in an accompanying email confirming your order. 
  • It is required that you are either a QUT student or staff member (present or past) to purchase a Bolt.
  • Only one Bolt microcontroller can be purchased at a time (quantity will show as N/A at checkout, please ignore this), if you wish to order more, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange this.

To access the custom libraries, datasheet and/or ARC app please visit the links below: